Paralowie R – 12 Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub promotes health, well-being and school connectedness through the creation of a sustainable and supportive environment that has the best possible impact on the health and learning of students, families, school staff and the community.

Building on the school’s values of equity and achievement for all, the Wellbeing Hub promotes:

  • a learning environment that strengthens healthy relationships, emotional well-being and the development of lifelong health-related skills, attitudes and knowledge
  • strengthening young people’s connection to school through active participation in decision-making
  • partnerships with health and community services which improve access to timely services and support
  • linking young people and their families to services and resources
  • strengthening family relationships that foster learning and well-being
  • whole-of-school initiatives that improve health and well-being and reduce risk factors for ill-health.

The Wellbeing Hub provides a one-stop shop for students by providing a safe space to access a broad range of information which supports health and well-being, as well as access to school support staff and to specialist health services.

The Hub links with the Paralowie R-12 Community Centre to strengthen family relationships, provide family support and to build knowledge and skills in adolescent development and parenting.

The services of the Wellbeing Hub include:

  • a youth health kiosk with 2 computers that link to the Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service website as well as other key youth health resources, and a telephone that links to the CYWHS Youth Healthline for health information and support,
  • a broad range of printed health resources,
  • a youth health nurse to provide information and health promotion programs,
  • school and specialist counselling staff,
  • a safe place for students to meet and hang out.