Time Management

Time management and organisation are important work and life skills.  At Paralowie we help students develop these skills in a number of ways.  Participation in personal development programs, extracurricular activities and homework are some avenues in which students can practice these skills.

Homework is an extension and consolidation of the work that has been covered in class. It is a link to classroom learning.  Our homework expectations are outlined in our student diary.

Homework gives students the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Study techniques (including revision and preparation for tests and exams)
  • Use of resources
  • Research
  • Time management and personal organisation

Homework provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Undertake activities not possible in class
  • Involve their family in their study program
  • Develop their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Catch up and extend themselves in their studies
  • Study outside the school environment
  • Learn the ideas and concepts presented in class

Homework is designed to:

  • Be motivating and challenging rather than repetitious and tedious
  • Cater for the individual student’s needs
  • Improve their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Be set regularly and monitored regularly by teachers and parents
  • Be accurately recorded in each student’s diary each day

Set subject homework can be accessed on DayMap by using the student’s login.

An accurate record of homework should be kept in each student’s diary.

Parent Involvement

Parents often make the comment that they wish they could get more information about homework. We therefore ask our teachers to be explicit and use every opportunity to describe homework tasks in ways which link to class learning and student outcomes.  We also ask parents/caregivers to talk with their child about their homework regularly.

Student diaries should have an accurate display of homework set and an indication of work completed so that both parents and care teachers can monitor progress.  Parents are advised to use the diary to communicate with Home Group and Subject teachers about any concerns.

Study Lessons

As students progress to Year 12 their timetable may include programmed study lessons.  Most Year 12 students studying Year 12 subjects will have 10 study lessons per week.  These study lessons can be used in a variety of ways.  The Senior School Centre has a variety of study spaces available at all times, to accommodate student needs during study lessons.  Students may also use this time to access the Year 12 support teacher or other subject teachers.  VET students use this study time to complete subject requirements in Years 11 and 12.

For students to maximise their potential in this very important year, we expect that these study lessons are utilised productively.

Work not completed during study lessons should be completed at home as ‘homework’.