Student Leaders

Students in the Middle School are invited to complete an Expression of Interest to join our Student Leadership program. This program allows students to develop leadership skills, express their opinions and have an authentic voice in the decision-making processes within our school. Our Student Leaders are an active and vibrant group of students, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm to have a say in improving their school and their community.

Students from years 7 to 9 can apply to become a member of this group.  Successful students from each home group reflect a commitment to representing their peers in this forum.  We encourage all our students to have a strong voice in their learning and decisions that affect them.

Student Leaders will have the opportunity to attend Governing Council meetings and provide input from the student body.

Home Group

Our Home Group Teachers are a child’s first point of contact at school. In the Middle School, our Home Group Teachers will teach their Home Class for multiple subjects which helps strengthen positive relationships and knowledge of their students and their individual learning needs.

All students will engage in an Extended Home Group Program which includes one lesson on Mondays (PBL Focus) and one lesson on Fridays (Career Education). These programs have been specially designed to meet students’ needs and to support the development of future pathways and a positive Middle School culture.

Our 2023, Home Group Teachers are:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
7HA – Megan Gillespie 8HA – Ryan Coligan 9HA – Gunay Aghayeva
7HB – Scott Penn 8HB – Georgia Giatazis 9HB – Brooke Faulds
7HC – Emily Farley 8HC – Erin Divine 9HC – Max Vaughan-Atkins
7HD – Nick Ballatori 8HD – Fiona McInnes 9HD – Catherine Yacoumis
7HE – Tristan Staite 8HE – Jayne Michelmore-Price 9HE – Grace Rabanez
7HF – Chris Radimissis 8HF – Ray Prasad 9HF – Rosa Antilla
7HG – Emma Cannon 8HG – Milind Salunke 9HG – Samuel Budden
8HH – Teala Cameron 9HH – Catherine Florance

Inclusive  Education

Our Inclusive Education Team work together with classroom teachers to support our students, including those with additional needs. Some students may qualify for additional support in their learning. This support is provided by specially trained teachers and School Services Officers (SSOs). Other students may have identified needs that can be met through Quality Differentiated Teaching Practice to support their learning and engagement.