Student Voice

Student Voice is an active and vibrant group of students bursting with ideas and enthusiasm to have a say in their school and community.

Students from years 7 to 10 can apply to become a member of this group.  Successful students from each home group reflect a commitment to representing their peers in this forum.  We encourage all our students to have a strong voice in the curriculum and decisions that affect them.

Student Voice meets at least three times a term to plan special events, celebrate special days and participate in projects that focus on the environment or fundraise for charities of their choice.

Paralowie also has members in the Northern Adelaide Senior Secondary Schools Alliance (NASSSA) Youth Action Team active across the 10 northern suburb high schools.

Members of Student Voice attend Governing Council meetings and provide input from the Student Body.

Home Group

During Home Group period in the morning, students spend time with their Home Group teacher to establish firm relationships that support them through the school year.  In the Middle Years, the Home Group Teacher often teaches the class at least once during the day.

Home Group is an essential period of the day as notices are read and letters to be sent home are given out during this time.

Special Education

Our Special Education Programs cater for students with special needs. Students who have a Negotiated Education Plan may qualify for additional support in their learning. This support is provided by specially trained teachers and School Services Officers (SSOs).