Middle School

The Middle School caters for students in Years 7 to 9.  It has a particular focus on young adolescents and their schooling, supporting the transition from primary to secondary year levels. We have a focus on building positive relationships and a positive Middle School Culture, as well as our whole school focus on Reading Improvement.

Our Middle School program provides stability and challenge to support every learner to achieve success at school. Our classroom teachers work closely with their Learning Area Leaders and collaborate with their colleagues to develop engaging learning experiences aligned to the Australian Curriculum. All teachers work with our Inclusive Education Team to support our students with additional needs through quality differentiated teaching practice and the use of effective teaching and learning strategies. We have supported English classes for students with English as and Additional Language or Dialect (EALD).  

Our Year Level Leaders have a focus on Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) and are utilizing Positive Education and Berry Street strategies to support student engagement and achievement in the classroom. In 2022, our Middle School Year Level PBL Leaders are:

Year 7: Brodie Forbes

Year 8: Ashley Thwaites

Year 9: Stuart Banytis

Year 10: Chris Radimissis

Year 11: Jess Pritchard

Year 12: Louis Sharrad

These leaders are working closely with students, parent/caregiver(s), classroom teachers and leaders to ensure students’ learning is on track and any issues are dealt with in a timely manner. They will be using processes that are restorative, reflective and instructional to ensure students understand how and why the choices they make have an impact upon their learning and their relationships.

Student Information Brochure for-2024