Junior School

At Paralowie, we provide a supportive environment for teaching and learning, with a focus on achievement and success for all in life, learning and citizenship.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our Junior School is highly regarded for its early learning program. We emphasise literacy, numeracy and technology across all curriculum areas with early intervention programs that help all learners.  These include:

  • special support time in every class
  • small group learning and explicit skills teaching
  • connections to life experiences regular monitoring and assessment of learning
  • regular reporting to parents
  • extensive leadership and student voice opportunities

Students learn problem-solving, decision-making, co-operation and effective communication to help them become 21st century learners.


Students in the primary school engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning through interdisciplinary learning with their classroom teacher and with a specialist Digital Technologies teacher twice a week. During these specialist lessons, students have the opportunity to:

  • code
  • design and build prototypes like windmills, solar cars and toys using 3D printers
  • explore, build and program different robots
  • investigate the insides of computers and other electronic devices
  • create animations and computer games
  • explore how local industries (e.g. farmers), use new technologies such as drones to fulfil tasks more effectively
  • develop technical and engineering skills to troubleshoot the source of a problem, repair a machine and debug operating systems
  • create animations for audiences

Check out the R-6 STEM video which features the work that students have been doing this year.

R-6 STEM VIDEO click here                        R-6 STEM Video description click here


R-6 Student Information Brochure  click here



Government schools have one intake per year for children starting in reception in term 1.

The parents/guardians of a child under the age of 6 years can enrol in a government school if:

.…the child has turned 5 years of age before 1 May; the child can start school the first day of term 1 of that school year

.…the child has turned 5 years of age on or after 1 May; the child can start school the first day of term 1 of the following school year.

A child must be enrolled at a school by their sixth birthday. It is recommended a child who will turn 6 years of age during the school year start school on the first day of term 1 of that school year.