Governing Council

Site governance is the partnership between a school’s local community as represented on its Governing Council, and the School Principal working together to develop the future directions for the site.

The Governing Council meets regularly to represent the whole school community in understanding local educational needs, setting broad directions for the site, and monitoring and reporting on achievements.

The role of the Governing Council is to:

  • focus on improving student learning outcomes in collaboration with the site leader and staff
  • develop a cooperative working relationship between the Governing Council and the site leader and staff
  • represent the whole school community in understanding local educational needs
  • set general directions for the site
  • monitor and report on achievements.

This will be achieved by:

  • providing a focus and a forum for parental and school community involvement and values
  • identifying the educational needs of the local community and the attitude of the community to educational developments
  • ensuring that the cultural and social diversity of the site community is considered and the needs of all student groups are appropriately identified
  • developing broad site policy statements such as the Site Learning Plan, the site budget, and student safety, welfare and discipline policies
  • monitoring and reporting on the Site Learning Plan and site’s finances.

The Annual General Meeting is held early in the school year.

Parents are encouraged to join the Council and have a say in the life of the school community.