Our Centre is part of the Community Hubs Australia network in South Australia.  Community Hubs in SA are based in schools and focus on supporting refugee and migrant families – Hubs deliver proven grassroots programs that increase connection between individuals and communities, and help build social cohesion.

At the Paralowie R-12 Hub we offer a range of activities that support the development of skills, programs with a focus on early learning and activities that promote social inclusion and engagement.

See our latest Hub Timetable Term 3

“Community hubs are welcoming places where migrant and refugee families, particularly mothers with young children, come to connect, share, and learn. Hubs bridge the gap between migrants and the wider community, they connect women with schools, with each other, and with organisations that can provide health, education, and settlement support.”  Community Hubs Australia

For information, see the Community Hubs Australia website.