Personal Information

Please ensure that any changes to personal information, such as address, phone numbers and changes to family circumstances are notified to Front Office staff as soon as possible.  This is also important to enable us to contact families in an emergency situation.


Parents are asked to contact the school on the direct Absence phone number (8182 7268) if a student will be absent,  or write a note in the student/s diary.  The morning home class role is regarded as a legal document.

Lateness / Leaving Early

R-6 students need to report to the Front Office, and Years 7 – 12 students report to the Wellbeing Hub, if they are late or need to leave early for an appointment.  This movement is electronically recorded using the students ID card.  Lateness or requests to leave early require notification from parents via the diary or a phone call.

Student illness

Students who are ill will report to the Front Office for first aid treatment.  Parents/caregivers will be notified if the student needs to go home.  No medication is given to students without a medication authority from a doctor.  In the event of serious injury or illness an ambulance may be called.

Student Diary

All years 3-12 students are encouraged to use a Diary.  The Diary is a document which provides the basis for many home-school interactions.  Diaries in years 7-12 contain additional information including lunch pass applications, policies and procedures.  Parents are encouraged to check the diary for homework and events, and use it for daily communication.


We welcome parent contact so we can work together to support your child’s education.  Parents are asked to contact the Front Office to make an appointment with a teacher or other staff member.

Leaving School Grounds

Other than movement according the school processes, students are required to remain in school grounds between 8.30am and 3.00pm.

Line Structure

Please download our current line structure HERE. (R-6 and 7-12 Timetable Structure 2023)

Photographic Consent Forms

It is a DfE requirement that all students have a signed Consent Form on file at school.